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Roto curing Classical V Belt V-Belt as today’s common tool for power transmission moder machinery. To enhance the quality and performance of classical v belt to its fu est potential. TSAR has decided to bring in a world-class production system from West-Germany to provide our customer with leading edge product at down to earth competitive cost that only before been available at premium pricing from few European man- ufacturers.

Why Roto curing belt?

1. The unique characteristic of Rotary curing process applies high pressure tensing to all belts. It helps in building bet’s length stability throughout the cunning cycle thus results in giving the final belts production with virtually very precisely belts length that are demanded in multi-belts drive application.

2. The”Pre-Stretch” technique helps to reduce belt elongation problem associate with initial installation.

3. Customers are able to differentiate our unique feature of Rotor cure belt by the wine embossing pattern appear on the back surface of belts.

4. Rotor cure belt has a perfect symmetrical balance and excellent weight distribution results in a very smooth and vibration-free drive. It is highly recommended for long span pulley distance and multi-belts drive application.

5. The Rotor cure belt helps you to reduce eliminates downtime on maintenance cost and repeated re-ten- sion services.

6. Providing a longer life performance than conventional belt due to smoother running drive and lower slippage of belts results cooler running belt.